CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020

CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020


Haley Kane Portraits | Morehead City, NC


Jun 30, 2021

This past year has made a lot of people re-evaluate what is important to them. What makes them HAPPY and what they are looking forward to in their future. For my sister-in-law that meant finally deciding that she is happy with who she is and where she is in life. Honestly, that can be so hard to do with all of the comparisons you face every day. You compare yourself with people you see on social media, with your peers, with your family, etc. So when Haley told me she wanted to do an individual portrait session just for fun because she wanted some great photos to celebrate herself, I thought that was AMAZING! I love how these turned out and we had such a fun time. She even let me put her in the water at the end!

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