CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020

CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020


Declan’s First Year | Ten Months Old


Jun 7, 2024

Life with a ten month old has been just as crazy as ever! Declan has gotten so much more of a personality these last few weeks and I just love how silly he is! He is also just so smart and observant. We realized that now that he’s walking more and more, he needed more room to roam and explore. So, we ditched the playpen and let him have the whole play room. This meant we needed a baby gate so we got a retractable mesh one off Amazon. Of course, we didn’t realize we mounted it a bit too high off the ground and little man figured out how to crawl under it when we weren’t looking. Luckily we moved it lower and problem solved haha

We had some fun experiences this month though! We took Declan to the beach for the first time since he was a baby baby. He had a great time walking around in the sand and trying to eat seashells haha. He even thought it was funny when I splashed him with water. He has also started to pick up on some new sounds while babbling. Declan can now make d, b, p, t and n sounds! But still no ‘mama’. Just ‘dada’ for now.

A few more things I want to remember from him at ten months:

• Declan learned to blow raspberries and loves it
• He really enjoys apples and his blueberry puffs
• He has turned into a little alligator during diaper changes
• Declan has gotten more curious about the dogs
• One of his favorite things to do is throw or drop things
• He loves to stick his tongue out all the time
• Declan is starting to walk so much better
• We have officially graduated from the playpen to an open play room
• He loves to scrunch his face when he’s really excited

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