CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020

CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020


Declan’s First Year | Three Months Old


Nov 5, 2023

Three months!! I can’t believe how big our little man is now. And I’m sure I’ll say that every month haha. It’s funny how subtly babies change and grow when you are with them every day. But then you look back and compare them to only a few short weeks ago and they are so different! I just love seeing all the new little things that Declan does or likes. For instance, it just melts me when he is playing in his bouncer or on the play mat and I step away, but when I come back and he sees me again he gets the BIGGEST smile on his face! I mean seriously, how can you not just turn into a puddle.. So looking at our little nugget, here are some things from him at 3 months old I’d like to remember:

• Declan can easily recognize me or Ryan and always gives us big smiles
• His neck tension is so much better after continuing physical therapy
• He remains a fan of contact naps as his main form of napping
• He is starting to grow some blonde hair on the top of his head
• Declan absolutely LOVES to suck on his hands and will often shove his fist in his mouth
• He is SO talkative these days and makes the cutest little sounds (mostly “oh/ooh” and squealy sounds)
• Declan’s overnight sleep has been going pretty well, although naps are still hit or miss
• He went on his first roadtrip for my brother’s wedding and did great the way up, but awful the way back
• He can reach some of the toys on his play mat and likes to smack the ones that rattle
• He has officially learned to roll, but only to the left haha

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