CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020

CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020


Declan’s First Year | Eight Months Old


Apr 8, 2024

I can’t believe how much Declan has learned already at only eight months old! The biggest thing was that he learned to take his first steps!! That was huge and even though he still is very wobbly, and only takes a few before falling, I can’t believe that he is already starting to learn to walk so early. He also has started to learn to chew his foods, which was so cute since he has no teeth haha. He has tried a lot of new foods including peaches, kiwi, peanut butter, bagel and cream cheese, fried egg, orange, banana, etc. Fruits are still a bit of a hit or miss since he doesn’t like tart things, but we’re getting there! Right now he is a big fan of his smoothie pouches and eats those almost exclusively for his mid-day meals.

Declan also had his first big fall this month. He was attempting to reach for the coffee table from standing against the sofa and missed his hand-hold. He fell face first into the edge of the table and busted his lip and his gums pretty bad. There was lots of tears and blood, but he’s okay and I realized I need to prepare myself for more of that as he gets older and more confident. Boy mom life haha. Overall, at eight months old he is just gaining so much personality and is so fun to watch and play with!

A few more things I want to remember from him at eight months:

• Declan is a big fan of squealing very loudly
• He loves to stand – ALWAYS
• Little man has decided that blueberry puffs are the best snack ever
• Declan’s helmet should be coming off soon!
• One of his favorite things is to climb all over the sofa pillows
• He took his first few steps without any assistance
• Declan has finally decided that banana is yummy
• He has started to learn the concept of playing
• Declan has started getting himself to sitting up very easily now
• We try to take him on a walk every day which he seems to enjoy
• His feet are very ticklish which is so funny because so are mine and Ryan’s

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