CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020

CHARLESTON, SC • estd. 2020


Downtown Wisteria Family Session


Apr 13, 2024

This spring the wisteria was in full bloom in downtown Charleston. That meant lots of photographers coming to take advantage of this short-lived spectacle! I was so glad that I was able to capture the wisteria in bloom for this out-of-town family here on vacation!

little boy gazes up at blooming wisteria
family walking holding hands next to wisteria blooms
family tosses up wisteria petals
little boy and mom smiling at each other in front of the wisteria
family smiles and laughs with wisteria in the background
little boys hold hands laughing and walking next to wisteria vines
family shares a tickle fight in downtown charleston
brothers share a secret
mom and dad share and intimate hug next to a beautiful estate in downtown charleston

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